Zen And The Art Of BDSM

What is Zen? Well most people see it as Buddhist. Well of course buddhists have Zen within their teachings and thinkings but really Zen is an indeterminable thing. It can be described as the art of thought. The study of life and of the way of things. The study of “The Way”. For me it is a lifelong journey into self understanding. The more we study ourselves the more we enter a peaceful state, we have a greater sensory awareness, greater emotional awareness, become more connected to our heart, soul, spirit, essence of our very being – however you choose to view such matters. For a little over a decade I have studied zen and self very actively. It has transformed me in a way, and yet of course it has not changed me at all – merely revealed a purer form of me. Less filtered by the masks we all wear to protect and define ourselves. I am merely a beginner really. It is a life’s work. There is no end to growth and self understanding. There have been some significant steps of enlightenment along the way, gates through which one passes from which one can never ever return. Life takes on new dimensions. Sights, sounds, extra senses – a sea of energy which connects us all. Feeling people in a new way. A deep sensual connection to all living things.

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Shibari – Sensual Magic

I recall discovering shibari and I had an immediate fascination with it. Somehow it resonated deeply within me and I simply knew I had to study it and introduce into play with my Baby Girl.  The video inserted her is one of my favourites as I shows so well the beauty and skill of shibari but more importantly the love and connection, trust, respect, sensuality and adoration between the two – Dom and sub.  BDSM is anything but abusive. To the un-initiated it may seem that way – in fact if you’d asked me 15 years ago I would have said the same. But like most things people become judgemental about – they simply don’t understand it.

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Somehow I am drawn to contrasts. Perhaps we all are – who knows – feel free to comment if you have a view on this. I am interested to know others views on this. Maybe it is to do with greater sensory and emotional stimulus. A richer existence. As a zen student and student of the gift of life I seek out a wider richer experience of existence. Most of us live very ordinary lives and there is nothing wrong with that but don’t they say variety is the spice of life?! Anyone who knows about “normal distribution” curves or the “Bell curve” will understand when I that we mostly live in the central band – safe and comfortable. But – the places in our existence to the left and the right – now why not go there – especially if we move from one to the other – a powerful contrast.

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