Attending Our First Fetish Event

Tomorrow sees My Baby Girl and I attending our first D/s public event. We are trying a fetish dinner party with a long established “orgainisation”. Some purchases of new gear have been made –  Baby Girl has lots of sexy outfits but surely one can never have too many heels and outfits? No? Hahahaha.

What generally has been lacking is what I can wear – so some goth / steam punk wear has been ordered. Baby Girl seemed suitably pleased to see me in my goth /rock boots, PVC trousers and steam punk waitcoat. In addition, this little jaunt will serve as a useful exercise in trying out and establishing new public protocols. And of course we are rather hoping to meet a few new friends within this community. Friends from whom we can learn – I am quite sure we shall be the least experienced kinksters there. Maybe not. At least the event is specifically for D/s couples.

I hope Baby Girl is ok – I know she is a little nervous, yet excited and up for it.

Somehow the excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead is titilating and allowing my rather electric imagination run riot.

The whole hotel is ours with a fully equipped dungeon there – just in case Pretty Girl is a naughty girl during the evening! She might want some extra dessert after dinner – who knows?

I shall report back following our evening of fun and naughtiness. She looks AMAZING in her outfits – had to try them on last night – and yes it ended up with a good spanking session.

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