Ownership and Belonging

To many the idea of being “owned” seems abhorrent. Now, don’t get me wrong – we own nobody. I get that. However there is truly something beautiful about feeling like we truly belong to a person. To me, the protective caring part of me loves to feel like I know that I “own” my Baby Girl. Of course – I can only own a gift which is freely given to me.  I remember when I first came across the expression “The Gift of Submission”.  It is a loop. A feedback loop between a Dom and His sub – she must feel safe and secure and trusting that she desires to give herself and hand over responsibilities, her body etc to her Dominant. He needs to feel that ownership and ability to care and deep down she seeks that protective strong Dominant man . And hence the work of each party is upon themselves – the Dom to make Himself worthy of her submission,  and the sub to allow herself to meet His needs such that He can step up to the plate to be worthy. Continue reading Ownership and Belonging

First I should say hello

I suppose I should start with a humble hello. I am just an ordinary man but one who loves to share and give and help where he can. Writing is a powerful way for me to output my thoughts and so far on my journey in discovery of my Dominance and the powerful potential for aspects of Dominance and submissive psychology in creating a more harmonious and special relationship within a long term relationship or marriage.

So, how did it all start. Continue reading First I should say hello