High Heels- Oh My God!

IMG_6876.PNGI have always had a high heel and foot fetish. I have no idea why and it is interesting to me because I am so innately Dominant. Some might suggest that high heels are quite a dominant thing- think about the Domme Madamme. Ball busting and trampling and the spike which is sooo powerful.

Now I feel that for me it is just about embracing and enhancing the feminine. I have been told- all guys like high heels. I guess they do, but my like of heels is undoubtedly a megga fetish. I love looking at women walking in them, shoe dangling, hearing that click click click as they walk across a tiled or wooden floor of outside. Actually does crazy things inside me – besides the obvious effect on my loins.

Generally I prefer the normal classy stiletto heel but can find for the right scene that slutty platform, spiky, wacky ones can be very appropriate. When Baby Girl needs to be less of the elegant refined lady she is (or can be) and more of the slutty tart. I like a bit of rough sometimes! And I don’t mean rough sex. Though I like that too sometimes- so does Baby Girl.

Pair them up with frilly ankle socks for an amazing contrast – wow. So I have another post about contrasts. I see that there must be something in this too- the absolute juxtaposition of cute innocent frill ankle socks with the sexualised grown up girl high heels. Now it’s worth noting that there is nothing remotely sexy to me or erotic, in fact it’s a quite hilarious and repulsive look, when young girls / children walk about in high heels- sexualised before their time. Yuck!

The arch of the foot, toe cleavage…. mmmm. I love semi d’orsay heels for this reason.

Block heels don’t seem to have the same effect- even though of course they accentuate the calf, make my princess walk differently, stick her gorgeous bum out more but- sorry- just not for me. Although I do remember buying some rather lovely boots which were block heeled and they were yummy!

Baby Girl wears heels for me on my return home and we are beginning to experiment with the idea of using them as part of a transitioning technique- to help her enter a submissive state and leave behind her role as mother, job role etc. Of course I am always her Dominant and she my submissive. When we are not together I am still an extension of her. I must make her proud and vice versa. Part of belonging and ownership- see my other post. However there is a benefit to understanding the power of ritual in transitioning – a way of ensuring we don’t fall into old habits which cause marital disharmony.  More on rituals in another post.

Ugg boots- super cute too. Bare feet, some flip flops or converse with cut off denim short – grrrrr. Ballet flats…. and lets not start with overknee boots – thank goodness they are on trend again !……….do you think I have a bit of a foot fetish? 🙊


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