Somehow I am drawn to contrasts. Perhaps we all are – who knows – feel free to comment if you have a view on this. I am interested to know others views on this. Maybe it is to do with greater sensory and emotional stimulus. A richer existence. As a zen student and student of the gift of life I seek out a wider richer experience of existence. Most of us live very ordinary lives and there is nothing wrong with that but don’t they say variety is the spice of life?! Anyone who knows about “normal distribution” curves or the “Bell curve” will understand when I that we mostly live in the central band – safe and comfortable. But – the places in our existence to the left and the right – now why not go there – especially if we move from one to the other – a powerful contrast.

Pain and spankings and deep submission to profoundly loving aftercare perhaps, rough sexual play versus intense sensual experiences such as shibari and erotic sensual massage and stimulatory layering. A much fuller experience of our existence.

I am sure that there is something in the psychology of contrasts beyond this though. I absolutely adore the contrasts of making my Baby Girl the most elegant feminine beautiful princess dressed and on my arm to a ball or dinner – proud of this intelligent, attractive, sexy and sassy woman, contrasted then with the filthy cum slut and cock whore she shall become later – wanton and filthy dripping wet in need of sexual depravity.

Schoolgirl roleplays and dress up – the perfect example of innocence at one end, (perhaps why I adore cute frill ankle socks) and filthy sexuality at the other. And of course it is not about having very loving and beautiful lovemaking when in a schoolgirl scene – oh no – that is visually stimulating but not the whole picture. What greater a contrast of innocence and filth than a schoolgirl who is a total whore!

I use this term whore along with slut and am sure most reading here will understand and I know my Baby Girl does now, eventually, because we have spoken at length about it and she knows I love her.  Baby Girl is not “A” whore or “A” slut. She is a beautiful and refined lady and morally upstanding – almost too much so at times! But she is “My” whore, “My slut”. there is a huge difference. Nobody gets to call her that but me. Call my Baby Girl a whore or a slut and you’ll have me to answer too – that is if you are still able to talk by this point!

Frill ankle socks and stiletto heels, Spanking and gentle caressing, fine dining and prince/princess mode contrasted with flogging in a dungeon, gentle erotic rope art in shibari with wax play, pinwheel, mental degradation. Cuddles protection and profound caring and adoration with pain and being used as nothing but a fuck toy.

All contrasts. Its all about the Yin and Yang. Within the dark there is always light, and within the light…. always dark. But together it all makes up the whole.

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